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Ref. No. GCWUF/EC/16/ 157                                                                                        Dated: 04-01 2016

Tender Notice

Sealed Tenders based on item/ percentage rates above or below market rate system enforced since, 01-07-2004 with (amended up to date) are invited from approved Contractor of the Government College Women University Faisalabad.

  1. Tender documents can be obtained from the office of the undersigned from the date of publications on the production authority letter of contractor/firm, ID Card of managing partner and production prescribed tender fee in the favour of Project Director GCW University Faisalabad.
  1. Tenders will be received in the office of the undersigned at 11.45 AM and will be opened on the same day at 12.15 PM by the tender opening committee in the presence of intending contractors or their representatives. Conditional tenders will not be entertained.
  • The lowest bidder, whose bid will be less than 5% of the estimated cost of the work will have to deposit the additional performance security equal to difference of cost which will be returned on successful completion of the contract as per Govt. rules. Failure to deposit the difference would result into forfeiture of earnest money without further notice.

The committee shall have the right to reject any or all the tenders as per PPRA rules.

Last date of Issuance of Tenders:      22-01-2016

Date of opening of Tenders:               26-01-2016

Sr. No. Description of Item Estimated Cost/ Earnest Money Tender Fee Completion Time
1. Fiber Sheds and Water Chillar Unit at Girls Hostel, GCWU. Fsd 0.47 (M) 500/- 30 Days
2% of bid price
2. Addition/Alteration of Computer Science Block, GCWU. Fsd 0.0974 (M)

2% of bid price

500/- 45 Days
3. Construction of Vegetable Beds at GCWU. Fsd 0.202 (M)

2% of bid price

500/- 30 Days
4. Addition/Alteration at Post Graduate Girls Hostel 0.075 (M)

2% of bid price

500/- 15 Days
5. Re-Construction of Mumty at GCWU, Fsd 0.274 (M)

2% of bid price

500/- 30 Days
6. Addition/Alteration in Library and Food Science at Fatima and Ayesha Block GCWU, Fsd 0.348 (M)

2% of bid price

500/- 30 Days
7. S/E of Precast R.C.C Boundary Columns at New Campus GCWU, Fsd 0.0497 (M)

2% of bid price

500/- 30 Days


                                                                                                                                        Engr. MuhammadAlam

Project Director

GCW University Faisalabad

Tender Notice (PDF)