Government College Women University Faisalabad


The City

The City Lyallpur developed into Faisalabad after the name of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in the year 1977. The biggest industrial hub of Pakistan is situated in the Province of The Punjab. The city is planned by British Government. Faisalabad is an international market of yarn. The city is third biggest populated city of Pakistan with about more than seven million people. It has International Airport, Industrial Area, Dry Port, Educational Institutions and a unique traditional touch from food to dressing. People are hospitable and city presents a blend of urban and rural life, where modernized ways of communication and transportation are available.

The Institution

The Government College Women University Faisalabad started its educational role in 1934 and after a decade, in the year 1944 it matured as Degree College, shifted to its present building in 1985, initiated Post Graduate classes in 1994. It emerged as one of the leading female Post Graduate College in Faisalabad. Keeping in view its immense educational growth rate, on 3rd January 2013, it attained the status of First Women University in Faisalabad and was renamed as The Government College Women University, Faisalabad. A very strong and historical initiative of the Chief Minister of The Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. Prof. Dr. Zakir Hussain, Vice Chancellor, Government College University Faisalabad was entrusted with the charge of Acting Vice Chancellor of Women University Faisalabad.


To inculcate in our female gender a sense of initiative and responsibility.


To provide our eager young women an enabling academic atmosphere for learning and in which strong intellectual approach together with research, will pave the way for their overall personality development together with enhancement in their participation in all spheres of life and with an understandability of their role as women for upholding their own rights in society.


To fill the note-able gender gap in Pakistani Society with Educated young women.