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Government College Women University Faisalabad

BS Admission Rules

BS Admission Rules and Regulations

    1. MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: The medium of instruction and examination shall be English (except faculty of Islamic and Oriental Learning, which will be Urdu or their relevant subject languages).
    2. DURATION OF THE COURSE: The duration for the BS(H)/BBA shall not be less than eight and more than 12 semesters.
    3. DURATION OF THE SEMESTER: There shall be 2 semesters (Fall and Spring) of 18 weeks each in an academic year. The commencement of semesters shall be regulated by the Academic Council.(Explanation: Out of 18 weeks, 16 weeks shall be actual teaching time; the rest may be utilized for enrollment, conduct of examinations and declaration of results, etc.).
    4. SCHEMES OF STUDIES:The schemes of study for the various degree programmes are given in the Prospectus which may be amended from time to time.
    5. CREDIT HOURS REQUIREMENT FOR VARIOUS DEGREES:The minimum credit hour requirement for various degree programmes shall be as following:

BS (4 years): 130 credit hours

6. ROUTING OF ACADEMIC MATTERS: All the academic matters shall be routed through proper channel i.e. through the Chairperson /Incharge of the Department/Director/Principal/Dean/Coordinator of the faculty concerned.

7. ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENT:A candidate admitted to the course shall enroll for each semester, as long as she has not completed all the requirements for the degree, subject to the maximum admissible limit of semesters.


    • An application for enrollment on the prescribed Course Registration Form (UG-1) accompanied by proof of fee paid (bank receipt) shall be presented to the office of the Directorate of Advanced Studies on the day(s) notified for enrollment.
    • The office of the Dean/Coordinator under special circumstances and on payment of late fee of Rs. 200/- may permit a student to submit \Course Registration Form within 5 working days after the commencement of the classes.
    • The Vice Chancellor may allow a student to submit Course Registration Form till the last day of the 4th week after the commencement of classes, with fee of Rs. 500/-
    • Enrollment in absentia is not allowed. Student is required to be present in person with a proof of identification (University Identity Card or Computerized National Identity Card etc.) for enrollment.
    • Enrollment will only be considered complete when Course Registration Form (UG-1) is submitted to the office of the Director Advanced Studies and it is mandatory for the completion of the enrollment process.
    • A candidate admitted to a degree programme shall, for so long as the student has not submitted thesis / Research report / Research paper/Internship report (whichever is applicable), have to enroll for each semester.
    • The maximum duration for completion of degree shall be as under

Minimum                                                                   Maximum
8 Semesters(4- Years)                                     12 Semesters (6- Years)         
The students who will enroll in the first additional semester beyond the normal tenure of the programme will have to pay an additional tuition fee of 50% and for rest of the additional semesters will have to pay 100%, additional tuition fee over and above the regular fee.


    • A student may discontinue enrolled semester before appearing in the final examination with the permission of the Vice Chancellor obtained through the Director Advanced Studies (DAS) on the recommendations of the Dean/Coordinator of respective faculty and Director/Principal/ Chairperson /incharge, on account of sickness duly certified by the MS of DHQ hospital or due to circumstances beyond her control subject to fulfillment of condition that the student has passed the final examination of previous semester with minimum prescribed GPA/CGPA.
    • The facility of discontinuation can be availed only once during whole degree programmefor only one academic year (two semesters).
    • A student so permitted to discontinue is required to resume her studies after two semesters (one freeze and one gap with zero credit) in the same semester which she has freezed i.e if a student freezes her 4th semester, 5th will be her gap semester and she will resume her studies after one year (two semester) in her 4th semester with the next session on the recommendation of Chairperson/Incharge/ Director/Principal/Dean/Coordinator concerned and notified by the registrar. She will pay full semester fee after defreezing/rejoining the studies.

Note: However the student will follow the scheme of studied s of her own session.

      • During the semester freeze, bonafide status of the student shall remain suspended. The student will not be entitled to avail any privilege as that of a regular student. Student has to submit the complete fee/dues for the freezed semester and Rs: 5000/- for the gap semester also along with Under Graduate Course Registration (UG-1) form to maintain her studentship.
      • A candidate shall not ordinarily be allowed to discontinue her studies during 1st semester.


    • If a student fails to enroll in any semester(s) without permission of the Competent Authority, the student shall cease to be on the rolls of the University and in case the student desires re-admission, the student shall have to apply for the same in the next coming admissions.
    • The office of the Director Advanced Studies on the recommendation of Dean/Coordinator and by the permission of the Competent Authority may re-admit such a candidate subject to the payment of Rs.5000/- as re-admission fee in addition to the regular semester fees.             Re-admission will be allowed only if a student can maintain 75% attendance in the admitted semester
    • The Dean/Coordinator may refuse the re-admission if the reasons presented are not convincing.

Note: The period of gap semester will not be counted towards residential requirements.


    • A student may be permitted to revise her Course Registration Form (UG-1) within 20 days from the commencement of classes. After this period the student may be allowed to revise UG-1 Form up to the 4thweek from the commencement of classes on payment of Rs. 500/- as late Course Registration fee.
    • The student of first semester may be allowed to revise her Course Registration Form within first four weeks of the last date of enrollment without any late fee.


    • All graduate courses will be allocated appropriate course code numbers and will be preceded by the suitable alphabets indicating the name of the respective department.
    • Teachers/instructors will be required to hand over detailed course outline to the students within 7 days of the beginning of semester and will send a copy of course outline and work plan to the chairperson of the concerned department
    • A full time student can enroll up to 24 credit hours in a regular semester including regular plus repeat courses. However, the Vice Chancellor may relax enrollment rules up to 1extra Course for the last year (either odd or even semester) in special cases.
    • A course can be repeated two times (maximum three times enrollment) at the most. The
  • Controller of Examinations office will mention corresponding repetitions in the result notification and the student shall mention repetition status in the Course Registrations Form (UG-1) at the time of enrollment.
    • The Dean/Coordinator may consider credits earned by a student at another recognized
  • Institution, subject to a maximum of 50 percent of the minimum credits requirements for the degree, on the recommendations of Equivalence Committee provided that: The contents of the course(s) for which credit is claimed, are identical or similar to the course included in her planned course work and the courses for which credit is claimed have not been used for another degree.
    • A course studied to qualify a degree will not be taken/ considered for any other and higher degree programme.
    • Credit earned for a course shall lapse on the expiry of five years for regular student and seven years for part time student from the end of the semester in which the course was qualified. The Vice Chancellor may revalidate the lapsed courses for special reasons to be recorded.
    • No course shall carry more than 4 credits.


    • Examination Fee: University examination fee shall be charged at the time of enrollment of each semester.
    • Tests and Examinations:
  • There shall be two examinations ‘mid and final’ in each semester. In addition to these examinations the teacher shall give home assignments and quizzes etc. to the students. The mode of these examinations will be left to the teacher, who will be solely responsible for the conduct of examination as well as evaluation in her course. The grade awarded in the course by the teacher shall be final.
  • Only those students, who have at least 75% attendance in theory and practical classes (where applicable) separately in each course, shall be eligible to appear in the final examination.
  • A teacher shall report to the Dean/Coordinator/Director/Principal concerned through the Chairperson of the respective Department the names of students who are absent from the lectures/ practicals (where applicable) continuously for seven days to enable the office of the Dean/Coordinator to strike off names of such students. The student may be readmitted under the university rules or may be refused admission if the reasons provided for readmission are not convincing.
    • Final examination: The final examination for a semester shall be held on a schedule notified by the teacher in advance.
    • The answer scripts of each examination shall be discussed with the students.
  • The mid-semester examination shall be held during 9th week of the semester which shall carry 30 percent of the total allocated marks for the course. This examination shall be conducted by the teacher concerned who shall proceed according to the University rules.
  • For the purpose of evaluation, one credit will carry 20 marks e.g. a four credits course will carry 80 marks. These marks will be divided in accordance with the credits assigned to theory and practical (where applicable) for each course.
  • The   following   weightage shall be given to the examinations, home assignments, etc

(a)   Mid-semester examination                                                    30%    
(b)   Home assignments / quizzes, presentations etc.                   20%                
(c)   Final examination                                                                  50%
Total:                                                                                             100%
(Fraction in total marks of a course will be rounded to the nearest to one decimal point)

    1. To qualify a course, it is essential to pass separately in the theory and practical (where applicable) examinations with aggregation to be at least 40 percent.
    2. The teacher shall send the final award list along with answer scripts of mid, final and practical (where applicable)  of the course to the office of the Controller of Examinations within 10 days after the end of a semester. The Dean/Coordinator may condone the delay in result submission. A soft copy of the award list should also be sent to the office of the Director/Principal/ Chairperson and the Dean/Coordinator concerned.
    3. On receipt of the award lists, the Controller of Examinations shall notify the results and send copies to the office of the Dean/Coordinator, Director/Principal and the Chairperson/ Incharge of the concerned Department.


    • Grade point and equivalence between letter grading and numerical grading shall be as follows:
Grade Value Marks (%) Remarks
A 4 80 -100 Excellent
B 3 65 -79.99 Good
C 2 50 -64.99 Satisfactory
D 1 40 -49.99 Poor
F 0 Below 40% Fail
    • If a student fails to obtain CGPA of 1.75 at the end of first academic year (after two consecutive Fall and Spring semesters) her admission shall stand cancelled. However the student may seek fresh admission. Further, for next subsequent semesters (3rd to onwards) a student has to obtain 1.0 GPA and 2.0 CGPA in each semester to be on the role of the university. Otherwise her admission shall stand cancelled after every semester.
    • Student is allowed to improve her D grades in any course of previous semesters during her course of study but only once.

A student, who obtains CGPA of 1.75 or more but less than 2.50 upon the completion of entire approved course work may be allowed to repeat once the courses of the previous semesters in which the students had obtained the lowest grades in order to improve the CGPA so as to obtain the minimum of 2.50, failing which the students shall cease to be on the rolls. A student is allowed to improve only those number of D grades required to get 2.50 CGPA for obtaining her degree, failing which the students shall cease to be on the rolls provided that she has availed the maximum permissible repetitions.
CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 is required to qualify for the award of degree.


    • A student can opt for thesis/research project /internship (6 credit hours) in lieu of two optional courses of 3 credit hours each or whatever decided by Board of Studies of respective department.
    • The Minimum Criteria for a BS student to opt for a research and thesis should be CGPA not less than 3.80 after 6th Semester.
    • A student shall be required to submit a thesis/project research report and present it in a seminar /viva for evaluation conducted by an external examiner or committee of department examiners. The student has to clear all the courses before appearing in the final seminar/viva of research project/thesis.
    • There shall be 120 marks corresponding to 6 credit hours (equivalent to 2 optional courses, equivalent to minimum 6 credit hours).
    • The supervisor through the respective Chairperson shall send the award list of thesis/paper/internship report in sealed envelope to the office of the Controller of Examinations. The Controller of Examinations shall notify the final result of the student.
    • Original plagiarism report along with the Certificate from Supervisor and Declaration by the student must be submitted while submitting the thesis to the Director of Advanced Studies. The Director of Advanced Studies shall notify the dates for the semifinal and Final phases of thesis submission.
    • The thesis evaluation should be completed within one month from the date of submission of thesis to the Controller of Examinations. The Controller of the Examinations shall get the approval of two external examiners (one an alternative in case of regret of the examiner) from the Vice Chancellor and the thesis shall be dispatched to that examiner.
    • Supervisor, after consultation with the external examiner shall write to the Controller Examination notifying the date, time and venue of thesis evaluation.
    • The colour of hard bound cover of BS Programme should be black with title superimposed in golden.


    • a) The Supervisory Committee of a student shall be proposed by the respective Board of Studies of Department/Institute during the 5th semester for the thesis and for research paper only one supervisor will be appointed by chairperson.
  • b) Supervisory Committee shall consist of at least 03 teachers of department. However, if any outstanding specialist in a major/ elective field of study is available outside the University, she may be taken as a member of Supervisory Committee in place of a teacher or as an additional member.
    c) Supervisor of the student will act as Chairperson of Supervisory Committee.
    d) Supervisory Committee proposed by the respective Board of Studies and recommended by the Chairperson/ Director of Institute/Principal, shall be approved by the Competent Authority.
  • In case, a student duly recommended by the Chairperson / Director/ Principal concerned to conduct her complete/part of thesis research in other institution/laboratory, is allowed by the office of the Dean/Director; the helping scientist may be taken as co-supervisor/special member on the supervisory committee of the student. However, the university will not bear any financial liability in this context.
  • Foreign Faculty members, HEC National Professors/HEC Eminent Scientists may act as supervisor/member of the supervisory committee provided that they are appointed for three years.
  • Adhoc/contract teachers may act as supervisor / member of the Supervisory Committee only where there is shortage of regular faculty members. Faculty on Tenure Track System (TTS) / Interim Placement of Fresh PhD programme (IPFP) will be considered as regular faculty for the subject purpose.

17. General

  • The student who will enroll beyond her minimum limit of the semesters will be have to pay an additional tuition fee of 50% and for rest of the additional semesters will have to pay 100%, additional tuition fee over and above the regular fee.
  • After submission of the thesis, the students will not be allowed to residein the University hostels.
  • Office of the Dean/Coordinator will maintain student record for 3 years after the declaration of final result. After that period, the record may be disposed off with the permission of the Vice Chancellor.
  • Office of the Controller of Examinations shall keep scripts of student’s examinations for whole session (4 years).