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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Merit Lists-2017

 Merit Lists
BS (Morning) 3rd   BS (Evening) 5th  MA/MSc (Evening) 2nd MS/MPhil (Evening)2nd PhD (Evening) 1st
Botany  Botany Chemistry Botany  Chemistry
Chemistry  Chemistry Computer Science Chemistry  Urdu
Computer Science  Food_Science Mathematics Zoology  
Food Science & Technology  Information Technology Zoology Urdu  
Home Economics Mathematics Psychology MS/MPhil (Evening)1st  
Fashion Designing  Physics MA/MSc (Evening) 1st  Botany  
Human Nutrition  Zoology Chemistry  Chemistry  
Physics BS (Evening) 4th   Computer Science  Food Science  
Zoology  Botany Mathematics Food Nutrition  
Statistics Chemistry Zoology  Zoology  
Bio Chemistry  Food_Science Psychology Islamic Stdudies  
Economics Human Nutrition MA/MSc (Morning) 3rd  Urdu  
Associate Degree in Education  Physics Botany    
Phsysical Education  Zoology Information Technology    
Political Science  Mathematics Physics    
International Relations  Information technology Economics    
Socology Bio Chemistry Education    
Fine Arts BS (Evening) 3rd  Sociology    
Commerce Botany MBA    
Public Administration Chemistry M.Com    
BS (Morning) 2nd   Computer Science MPA    
Botany Food Science Islamic Studies    
Chemistry Human Nutrition MA/MSc (Morning) 2nd     
Computer Science Information Technology Botany    
Food Science & Technology  Mathematics Chemistry    
Home Economics Physics Computer Science    
Fashion Design Zoology Information Technology    
Human Nutrition Biochemistry Mathematics    
Information Technology Psychology Physics    
Mathematics Education Zoology    
Physics English Psychology    
Zoology BBA Economics    
Bio Chemistry Islamic Stdudies Education    
Psychology Urdu Sociology    
 Economics BS (Evening) 2nd   MBA    
B.Ed Hons Elementary Botany English    
Associate Degree in Educationd  Chemistry Islamic Studies    
English Computer Science Urdu    
Physical Education Food Science and Technology MA/MSc (Morning) 1st    
Islamic Studies Human Nutrition Botany    
Urdu Information Technology  Chemistry    
BBA Business Administration Mathematics  Computer Science    
BS (Morning) 1st  Physics  Information Technology    
Botany Zoology  Mathematics    
Chemistry Bio Chemistry  Physics    
Computer Science Psychology  Zoology    
Food Science English  Psychology    
Home Economics  BBA Business Administration  Economics    
Fashion and Designing BS (Evening) 1st    Education    
Human Nutrition and Dietetic Botany  Sociology    
Information Technology Chemistry  MBA    
Mathematics Computer Science  M.Com     
Physics Food Science & Technology  MPA     
Zoology Human Nutrition Arabic     
Statistics Information Technology English    
Bio Chemistry Mathematics Islamic Studies    
 Psychology Physics  Urdu    
Economics Zoology      
B.Ed Hons Elementary Bio Chemistry      
Associate Degree in Education Psychology      
English B.Ed Hons Elementary      
Physical Education English      
Political Science BBA Business Administration      
International Relations Islamic_Studies      
Fine Arts Urdu      
BBA Business Administration        
Public Administration        
Islamic Studies