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Date Title
23-07-2018 Quotation Purchase of Stationery
23-07-2018 Quotation Purchase Of Miscellaneous Items
23-07-2018 Quotation Purchase Of Transfer Belt
20-07-2018 4th Academic Council Meeting
19-07-2018 Positions Vacant of Research Assistant
19-07-2018 Admission Notice for Intermediate Students
18-07-2018 Auction Notice
17-07-2018 Tender Notice GCWUF/2017/37 (Furniture & Stationary Items)
13-07-2018 Fee verification schedule of DMC clearance slip
11-07-2018 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2017/39 (Desktop Computers, Printer, Photocopier, Splicing Machine, Laptops)
10-07-2018 National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative 2017-18 FYPs Approved
09-07-2018 Jang Education Expo 2018
07-07-2018 Walk on say “no” to drugs
06-07-2018 Positions Vacant of Teaching/Non Teaching Staff
04-07-2018 Tender Notice-2018-01(Printing of Intermediate Prospectus)
04-07-2018 Tender Notice-18-747-6 Civil Work
03-07-2018 One day seminar on emerging trends in thematic field of research in arabic language & literature/Islamic Studies
29-06-2018 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2017/44 (Cleaning Miscellaneous Items )
23-06-2018 Cheque distribution ceremony under the HEC need based scholarships
21-06-2018 Tender Notice-18-744-5 Civil Work
14-06-2018 Quotation for Purchase Of Office Furniture
14-06-2018 Tender Notice No. 2017/43 (Air Conditioners )
14-06-2018 Position Vacant of Research Associate
05-06-2018 Tender Notice No GCWUF/2017/41(Digital Camera, Laptop)
04-06-2018 MOU signing ceremony between UAF and GCWUF (June 4, 2018)
01-06-2018 Tender Notice No. 40/2017 (Laboratory Equipment)
30-05-2018 Makeup Semester-2018
30-05-2018 The last date of submission of semifinal and final thesis for PhD/MS/MPhil/MA/MSc/BS
23-05-2018 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2017/38 (Tractor, Generator, Ambulance)
23-05-2018 Request for proposals hiring of consultancy services for master planning
18-05-2018 Positions in Tech-Hawks 2018
17-05-2018 University time during the month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak 2018
16-05-2018 Annual two days exhibition-2018″Resident Display” (May 16, 2018)
16-05-2018 Quotation for Purchase of Track Suits
16-05-2018 Drama Romeo and Juliet (May 15, 2018)
15-05-2018 Quotation for Purchase Of Sports Articles
11-05-2018 IT Project Won “Best Innovative Idea Award-2018”
10-05-2018 Two Days Event Organized by English Department (May 10-11, 2018)
10-05-2018 Two Days Symposium on Separation Techniques (May 10-11, 2018)
09-05-2018 Three days training workshop for teachers organized by department of ORIC
09-05-2018 Two Days Seminar on “Recent Trends & Research Approaches in Biochemistry” (May 08-09, 2018)
08-05-2018 Two Days Seminar on “Recent Trends & Research Approaches in Biochemistry” (May 08-09, 2018)
08-05-2018 International Thalassemia Day-2018
07-05-2018 Two-days workshop on “Methods of Flowers Cultivation”
07-05-2018 IT Students Won XTC 2018 Competitions
04-05-2018 Participation of GCWUF in Science Exhibition-2018 at UAF (May 3, 2018)
04-05-2018 Product Development Competition”Emerging Trends in Foods Safety” (May 4, 2018)
03-05-2018 One day seminar on Emerging Trends in Food Safety (May 3, 2018)
30-04-2018 Position in XTC (Xtreme Talent Contest)
27-04-2018 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2017/36 (Printing of GC Women University Faisalabad Annual Report)