Government College Women University Faisalabad

Govt. College Women University Faisalabad Won 2nd Prize in 2nd All Pakistan Dice Textile 2017 held on March 28, 2017


“AutoBoteX” – IT Project Won Prize in 2nd All Pakistan Dice Textile 2017

IT Project “AutoBoteX” developed by the students of Department of Information Technology won “Crestex Innovation Award” in 2nd All Pakistan Dice Textile Innovation Event, held on March 28-29 2017, organized by National Textile University (NTU) Faisalabad.

AutoBoteX Description

AutoBoteX is a robot which is very helpful for Textile industry. AutoBoteX can make manager’s life easier by assisting him and providing the facility to be get controlled by Android handhelds.  It can pass through narrow spaces where a human being cannot enter. With the help of its robotic arm, it can grab and transport the sample of clothing to its users place.
Following features are embedded in AutoBoteX for Textile industry:

  1. It can check the RGB code of colors in clothing and provide this information on screen.
  2. It can monitor production with the feature of real time video streaming.
  3. It can examine the quality of production.
  4. It can help in monitoring workers/ sub-ordinates.
  5. Provides clear and real view of surroundings on Android smart devices.
  6. It can record and transmit voice data.
  7. It can save files and transmit in different departments.

AutoBoteX is an innovation thatcan alter the way of monitoring and provide extreme level of relaxation with just a few clicks. AutoBoteX is surely going to prove itself an essential part of textile industry and useful at domestic and professional grounds.
AutoBoteX  project is developed by Zaib-un-Nisa, and Zainab Noor under the supervision of Ms. Suneeza Hamid, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Government College Women University, Faisalabad.