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Government College Women University Faisalabad


Date Title
11-07-2017 Tender Notice GCWUF Prospectus – 2017
19-06-2017 Tender Notice (Running of Canteen, Running of Photocopy Shop)
31-05-2017 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2017/25 (Security Branch Equipment)
17-05-2017 Corrigendum (Tender Notice No. GCWUF/EC/17/477/2)
10-05-2017 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/EC/17/473/2 (Civil Works)
10-04-2017 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2017/24 (April 10, 2017)
06-04-2017 Tender Notice Lab Equipments (April 06, 2017)
27-03-2017 Tender Notice (Civil Works) March 27, 2017
02-03-2017 Tender Notice No. 2017/22 (Sofa Chairs, LED Lights)
02-03-2017 Tender Notice (Civil Work)
26-01-2017 Tender Notice (Printing Press, Glass Ware, Chemicals for Chemistry Lab)
25-01-2017 Quatation Notice (Missing Facilities at Sports Gym, Renovation of Conference Room & Repair of Door/Locking Arrangements)
25-01-2017 Tender Notice (Construction of Basket Ball Ground & Generator Connection to Girls Hostels)
18-01-2017 Tender Notice (Computer Chairs, Computer Tables, Whiteboard)
20-12-2016 Tender Notice/2016/19(LED, Multimedia, Screen, Synthetic Carpet)
30-11-2016 Tender Notice/2016/18(LED, Multimedia, Screen, Synthetic Carpet)
23-09-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2016/15 (IT Lab Equipment)
05-09-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2016/14 (Chemistry Lab Equipment)
05-09-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2016/17(Auditorium Hall Chairs with Fixing)
12-08-2016 Tender Notice GCWUF/EC/16/309 (Civil works)
01-08-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2016/16 (Lab Equipments)
23-06-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2016/13 (Prospectus-2016)
10-06-2016 Tender Notice GCWUF/EC/16/268 (Civil Work)
04-05-2016 Tender Notice (Hostel Mess Management of GCWUF)
15-03-2016 Corrigendum – Tender No. GCWUF/EC/16/196
29-02-2016 Tender Notice Ref. No. GCWUF/EC/16/196 (Civil Work)
18-02-2016 Short Tender Notice (Security related work)
04-02-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/EC/2016/180 (Repair/Renovation)
02-02-2016 Tender Notice – (Emergency and Security Related Work)
02-02-2016 Tender Notice (Hostel Mess Management of GCWUF)
13-01-2016 Corrigendum – Tender Notice (Hostel Mess)
04-01-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/EC/16/157 (Civil Work)
04-01-2016 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2016/11 (IT Equipment, Office Furniture)
15-12-2015 Tender Notice (Hostel Mess)
29-06-2015 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2015/10 (Prospectus)
16-06-2015 Tender Notice – Waiting Shed
02-06-2015 Tender Notice – Civil Work
22-04-2015 Tender Notice (Civil Work)
15-04-2015 Tender: Construction R/O Plant Room, Drivers Room and Parking
30-03-2015 Tender No. GCWUF/2015/09: IT Equipment, Furniture & Fixture, Laboratory Equipment, Answer Sheets, Other Items
30-03-2015 Tender: Construction of Plant Room, Drivers Room and Parking
27-03-2015 Tender Notice (Construction of R/O Plant Room, Construction of Drivers Room )
17-03-2015 Tender Notice (Civil Work)
27-11-2014 CORRIGENDUM: Tender No. GCWUF/2014/08
12-11-2014 Tender No. GCWUF/2014/08: Purchase of Vehicles, IT Equipment, Plant & Machinery and Stationary
24-07-2014 Tender No. GCWUF/2014/07: Printing of University Prospectus
11-07-2014 Corrigendum Tender No. GCWUF/2014/05 and GCWUF/2014/06
10-07-2014 Tender No. GCWUF/2014/06: Canteen, Gift Shop, Photocopy Shop
10-07-2014 Tender No: GCWUF/2014/05: Generator 250 KVA, Digital Telephone Exchange
05-06-2014 Tender No. GCWUF/2014/04: Canteen, Gift Shop and Photocopy Shop