1stInternational Conference on

Advancements In Biotechnology

30-31 March, 2016

Welcome Message

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the distinguished key note speakers, scientist, researchers, participants in the field of biotechnology and related fields of sciences, exhibitors, industry leaders, from number of leading institutions from Pakistan and around the world (UK, USA, Austria) for attending the 1st International Conference on Advancements in Biotechnology (ICAB 2016). I am also very glad to invite you all to Government College Women University Faisalabad and AKHUWAT-FIRST. We are in the era of knowledge economy where biotechnology and genetic engineering have become a part of our everyday life. This event focuses on important disciplines of biotechnology and its applications for improvement in health, food, environment and quality of life. The presentations will be focusing on plant and environmental technologies, bioremediation, microbial diversity and bio-monitoring as well as important lectures on food, biodiversity, bio-safety, systems biology and Nano biotechnology. This conference provides a common platform for the budding researchers, guests, speakers and delegates to share their expertise and research outcomes. We are indeed pleased to host such an international conference with collaboration of GCWUF and AKHUWAT-FIRST in Faisalabad. We hope that the deliberations and recommendations of this conference will have a significant impact on the future directions of researches, biotechnology business development, collaborations and partnerships, product development opportunities, and basic research. Throughout the course of the two day conference, you will have the opportunity to both network and listen to international and national speakers. Being the Chief Patron of ICAB 2016, I feel very proud that this international conference would enhance and elevate the biotechnology applications era to a higher level. The conference has evinced a good score of around 150 papers received from the researchers. This speaks the voluminous planning and execution meticulously done by the team of GCWUF and AKHUWAT-FIRST. I congratulate the organizing team for their untiring efforts. I am sure that participants will have a great time in Faisalabad and use this experience in different ways in their future life. I hope that the conference will come up to your expectations and your time here will be considered well spent. Lastly I convey my special thanks to all who made their sincere efforts to arrange this conference and special gratitude to HEC, PSF and AKHUWAT for their cooperation and contribution. Special thanks are also due to private organization who have participated and rendered financial support.

Message of Patron In Chief

Prof. Dr. Naureen Aziz Qureshi

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the distinguished key note speakers, scientist, researchers, participants