1stInternational Conference on

Advancements In Biotechnology

30-31 March, 2016

Health Biotechnology Session

13. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali (Vice chancellor, GC University Faisalabad)

Title of Talk
  • Emerging trends of biotechnology in health sciences

14. Dr. Shahid Mahmood (S.I), NIBGE

Title of Talk
  • Molecular basis of inherited diseases in Pakistani population

15. Prof. Dr. Abdul Haque (University of Faisalabad)

Title of Talk
  • Overview of vaccines

16. Dr. Mazhar Iqbal (NIBGE)

Title of Talk
  • Lipid A: A battle ground between host immune system and pathogen survival

17. Dr. Asma Haque (GC University, Faisalabad)

Title of Talk
  • Enteric bacterial arsenal against newly emerging drugs

18. Dr. Ehsan ul Haq (Director, AKHUWAT-FIRST)

Title of Talk
  • RNA interference in health and disease

19. Dr. Vakil Ahmed (USA)

Title of Talk
  • Role of Ect4 in fly immunity and development