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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Department of Physics, GCWUF is going to organize 1st International Conference on Advances in Theoretical and Applied Physics-2019 (ATAP-2019) at GCWUF

Department of Physics, GCWUF is going to organize 1st International Conference on Advances in Theoretical and Applied Physics-2019 (ATAP-2019) at GCWUF scheduled on 19 Feb, 2019.  ATAP-2019 aims to provide an international forum for presenting the advances and newly emerging trends in Theoretical & Applied Physics and this year the deliberations will be on the theme of innovations in nanoscience & technology. The goal of ATAP-2019 is to bring together renowned researchers, scientists, scholars and industrialists in one platform to have high level interaction for exchanging ideas on both Theoretical and Applied Physics. We are particularly pleased to welcome all the distinguished Physicists, researchers and students for participating in the 1st International Conference on Advances in Theoretical and Applied Physics-2019 (ATAP-2019).  
Invited Speakers:
Dr. M-A Hasan (University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA)
Prof. Dr. Chuanbao Cao (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)
Dr. Jimmy Ng (Intel, Phoenix, USA)
Prof Dr. Khurram S. Joya (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)
Dr. Ajab Khan Kasi (University of Balochistan, Quetta)
Dr. Sadia Munaza Faraz (NED, Karachi, Pakistan)

Executive Committee:
1- Prof. Dr. Sofia Anwar (Vice Chancellor)                    Patron in Chief

2- Ms. Asma Khurshid (Incharge Physics dept)                   Patron

Organizing Committee:
Members                                                                                 Status                           
Dr. Yusra Arooj (Assistant Professor)                                  Convener
Dr. Shaista Raffique  (Assistant Professor)                          Member
Dr. Adnan Ali (Assistant Professor,GCUF)                         Member    
Dr. Khalid Mehmood (Assistant Professor,GCUF)              Member
Ms. Salma Batool (Assistant Professor)                               Member
Ms. Sarwat Naheed (Assistant Professor)                            Member        
Ms. Zarina Ghani (Assistant Professor)                               Member
Ms. Salma Ikram (Assistant Professor, GCUF)                   Member    
Dr. Javaria Batool (Lecturer)                                               Member 
Ms. Iffat Uzma (Lecturer)                                                    Member
Ms. Asma Bashir (Lecturer)                                                 Member
Ms. Hira Nasim (Lecturer)                                                   Member
Ms. Rabia Javaid (Lecturer)                                              Member
Ms. Zainab Wasim (Lecturer)                                             Member
Ms. Mubashara Ishaq (Teaching Assistant)                      Member
Ms. Rabia Mehmood (Lecturer)                                          Member
Ms. Imtasal Younas (Lecturer)                                          Member
Ms. Shaista Jabeen (Lecturer)                                            Member
Ms. Mugheera Ghafoor (Lecturer)                                     Member
Ms. Ayesha Saeed (Lecturer)                                            Member
Ms. Shalra Touseef (Lecturer)                                           Member
Ms. Javaria Anwar (Lecturer)                                            Member
Ms. Asma Naeem (Lecturer)                                             Member
Ms. Sidra Baby (Lecturer)                                                Member
Ms. Urvah Saeed (Lecturer)                                             Member
Ms. Nida Fatima (Lecturer)                                              Member