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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Directorate of ORIC

The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is a focal office of the University, which works for managing and expanding the research programs and linking with industry and civil society by translating research outcomes into products and services. The ORIC also ensures that quality of research should reflect the highest International educational and research standards matching with the world’s best Universities. The office promotes faculty interaction for cutting edge multidisciplinary research and bringing research to public benefit.

Under Academia Industry Linkages, the ORIC coordinates for National and International internship of students, promotes entrepreneurship, technology transfer and product commercialization, and organizes Business Plan Competitions to engage with industry and enroll business startups.


Dr. Yasmeen Gul

Incharge, ORIC
The Faculty at GCWUF is very vibrant, which mobilizes resources through National and International competitive research grants and thus supports the research and development. In addition to producing high quality publications, the University faculty is engaged in innovative research, development of technologies, transforming research outcomes into goods and services. ORIC is striving hard to sensitize and challenge the faculty to compete for national and international grants to enhance quantum of quality research, channelize innovative research for patenting, development of technologies, commercialization and outreach. The ORIC is also grooming the faculty through series of seminars for changing mindset and building capacity for Innovation & Commercialization and resultantly patent filing and startup companies to process innovative research for commercialization.