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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Highlights of ORIC-GCWUF Activities

Since the inception of ORIC, it has carried out following activities at Government College Women University Faisalabad.

  1. Two days Seminar cum workshop on “Smart Phone Applications: Cyber Crime & Android” was conducted on 21-22 March , 2016.
  1. Two days workshop on “Project Formulation” was conducted on 20-21 January, 2016 with collaboration of Pakistan Science Foundation.
  1. ORIC-GCWUF is preparing a database of all the research activities including existing and new research projects, output in terms of publications, books, products etc.
  1. Focal persons (FP) from each academic department have been identified. The major responibilities of Focal Persons are to coordinate the following activities through head of department with the ORIC-GCWUF.
    (4.1)      FP to coordinate with the ORIC to provide the necessary information about research    activities in her department. These activities may include new and existing research projects, commercial research activities, and research output in terms of publications, products, patents and information of research meetings/ conferences organized.
    (4.2)     FP to participate and coordinate in meetings, training sessions, and other activities notified by the ORIC-GCWUF.
    (4.3)    FP to submit report of conference, workshop and seminar attended by faculty members in last week of each month.
    (4.4)  ORIC-GCWUF designed Research grant Performa for providing GCWUF In- House Research Grant (GRG, 2015) Up to 0.2 million Rs. for (faculty of S&T) and up to 0.1million Rs. (faculties of Arts, Social & Management Sciences). 53 faculty members had submitted their research proposal. The review of these proposals are in process.
  1. ORIC-GCWUF has involved students in innovative activities by asking them to design monogram of ORIC-GCWUF . Students of Information Technology, Computer Science and Fine Arts were involved in said activities.
  1. ORIC-GCWUF has reduces the communication gap and paper work hurdles by introducing group email system for GCWUF faculty members.