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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Research Groups Under ORIC

Research Groups Under ORIC

Food and Nutrition

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
1.        Prof. Dr. Nighat Bhatty (Group Head) Home Economics
2.        Dr. Huma Umbreen Home economics
3.        Dr. Madiha Ilyas Home Economics
4.        Dr. Tayyaba Sami Ullah Home Economics
5.        Dr. Irum Javeed Biochemistry
6.        Dr. Huma Mehboob Biochemistry
7.        Dr. Mahwish Aziz Food Science & Technology
8.        Dr. Saima Tehseen Food Science & Technology
9.        Dr. Madiha Rohi Food Science & Technology
10.    Dr. Rizwana Batool Food Science & Technology
11.    Dr. Nadia Akram Food Science & Technology
12.    Ms. Zainab Zafar Food Science & Technology
13.    Ms. Sehrish Hussain Food Science & Technology
14.    Dr. Komal Rizwan Chemistry
15.    Dr. Nadia Noor Chemistry
16.    Dr. Nazia Yaqoob (Group Administrator) Chemistry


Nano Technology

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
1.        Dr. Zill-i-Huma Nazli (Group Head) Chemistry
2.        Dr. Maryam Aslam Chemistry
3.        Dr. Faiza Nazir Chemistry
4.        Dr. Rehana Naseer Chemistry
5.        Dr. Huma Munir Chemistry
6.        Dr. Ayesha Mahmood Chemistry
7.        Dr. Aisha Ashraf Chemistry
8.        Dr. Arfa Sajid Chemistry
9.        Dr. Sofia Parveen Biochemistry
10.    Dr. Tanzeela Sehar Biochemistry
11.    Dr. Sumaira Kousar Biochemistry
12.    Dr. Sadia Aslam Biochemistry
13.    Dr. Sadia Noureen Biochemistry
14.    Ms. Yusra Arooj (Group Administrator) Physics


Life Sciences

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
1.        Dr. Abida Kauser (Group Head) Botany
2.        Dr. Ambreen Khadija Alvi Botany
3.        Dr. Areej Javaid Botany
4.        Dr. Hina Kanwal Botany
5.        Dr. Zaib-un-Nisa Botany
6.        Dr. Saadia Azeem Botany
7.        Dr. Riffat Nasim Fatima Botany
8.        Dr. Sumaira Ikram Botany
9.        Dr. Huma Saleem Botany
10.    Dr. Noreen Akhtar Botany
11.    Dr. Sammina Mahmood Botany
12.    Dr. Aisha Ilyas Botany
13.    Dr. Riffat Batool Botany
14.    Dr. Rumana Sadiq Botany
15.    Ms. Irum Shahzadi Botany
16.    Ms. Mehwish Naseer Botany
17.    Ms. Tanzila Rafique Botany
18.    Ms. Annam Zikrea Botany
19.    Ms. Arneeb Tariq Botany
20.    Dr. Madiha Kanwal Zoology
21.    Dr. Rahila Ilyas Zoology
22.    Dr. Faiza Ambreen Zoology
23.    Dr. Safina Kousar (Group Administrator) Zoology

Health Sciences

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
1.        Dr. Sumaira Shaheen (Group Head) Biochemistry
2.        Dr. Kousar Parveen Biochemistry
3.        Dr. Naila Rafique Biochemistry
4.        Dr. Sumaira Kousar Biochemistry
5.        Dr. Naila Abdual Sattar Biochemistry
6.        Dr. Shumaila Khan Biochemistry
7.        Dr. Sadaf Saleem Biochemistry
8.        Dr. Humaira Majeed Biochemistry
9.        Dr. Salma Shahid (Group Administrator) Biochemistry




Environmental Sciences

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
1.        Dr. Kiran Aftab (Group Head) Chemistry
2.        Dr. Umm-e-Kalsoom Chemistry
3.        Dr. Faiza Amin Chemistry
4.        Dr. Sobia Aleem Biochemistry
5.        Dr. Riffat Iqbal Biochemistry
6.        Dr. Irfana Lalarukh Botany
7.        Dr. Shameem Raja Botany
8.        Ms. Mubashara (Group Administrator) Physics


Synthetic Chemistry

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
1.        Dr. Nusrat Shafiq (Group Head) Chemistry
2.        Dr. Farhat Jabeen Chemistry
3.        Dr. Maryam Chemistry
4.        Dr. Sadia Nazir Chemistry
5.        Dr. Shagufta Parveen (Group Administrator) Chemistry


Social Sciences

Sr. No. Name of Member Department
6.        Ms. Fatima Younas (Group Head) Sociology
7.        Ms. Sajida Parveen Sociology
8.        Ms. Najma Bano Sociology
9.        Ms. Ruqaya Imtiaz Sociology
10.    Ms. Nusrat Malik Sociology
11.    Ms. Tehmina Sociology
12.    Ms. Shahla Qasim (Group head) English
13.    Ms. Sadia Ashraf English
14.    Ms. Sadia Waheed English
15.    Ms. Saira Akhtar English
16.    Ms. Saira Javed English
17.    Ms. Zahida Hussain English
18.    Dr. Najma Bano (Group Head) Arabic
19.    Mrs. Saeeda Bano Arabic
20.    Mrs. Hafiza Nasreen Akhtar Arabic
21.    Dr. Tahira Iqbal (Group Head) Urdu
22.    Mrs. Sadaf Naqvi (Group Administrator) Urdu
23.    Ms. Bushra Illm Ud Din Urdu