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Government College Women University Faisalabad



Education is the backbone of every nation. The standard of education needs to be constantly raised to cater the demands of a fast moving age. The department of Education aspires to produce competent education­ists, inspired by new zeal and equipped with modern theories and meth­ods. The teaching methodology all over the world has undergone a mas­sive change over the past few years. Our system of education needs to be revised extensively to meet the requirements of the modern age. De­partment currently has three programmes M.A Education (Two Years), B.Ed (Hons) Elementary in Education (4 Years) and Associate Degree in Education (ADE) (2 Years). Department has highly qualified and competent faculty members.



  • Transformation of Pre-service Teacher Education keeping in view the indigenous and Global requirements to produce effective prospective teachers according to the need of society and industry. The vision of the department is to provide quality education to prepare reflec­tive educators who possess theoretical knowledge as well as practical mastery of pedagogical techniques and information communication technology who can face future challenges in the educational sector with confidence and also play a basic and honorable role in the Muslim culture.
  • The department intends to develop in its graduates a critical understanding of the core areas of education so that after completing the programmes, the graduates can serve in different areas of systematic instructions.


  • The Department of Education will strive to achieve the following goals
  • To provide and promote facilities for advanced studies and research in Education.
  • To provide teaching, training and guidance in order to prepare students for the Bachelor, Master in Education.
  • To provide opportunities for professional educators to improve their knowledge skills through advanced teaching with technologies.
  • To achieve excellence in the field of Teacher Education through empowering teachers and developing their competencies in the areas of content, pedagogy and research in the field of Education.
  • Our mission is to provide flexible, multiple methods learning opportunities with variety of approaches including lectures, tutorial, group discussion, seminars presentations, research work, teaching practice field work and different Educational projects.
  • To provide students with professional learning experiences that implants a sense of professional ethics in their personal disciplines as well as awareness of the society and the role of their professions on the shape of society.

Program Offered

  • B.Ed Hons Elementary
  • M.A Education
  • Associate Degree in Education