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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Pakistan Studies


Since 2013 Pakistan Studies is taught in GCWU Faisalabad, as minor subject, where as in Intersection it is taught as a compulsory subject. The department is offering the following course to be taught as minor subject in various departments. The course code is PST: 321.The social Studies as a compulsory subject were introduced at elementary and secondary level in 1960. Later on, in 1976 the name of the course of social Studies at secondary level was changed to Pakistan Studies and remained as a compulsory subject. The subject is taught by means of a “unified approach” which involves the geographical, historical and civil background of Pakistan, the Muslim Ummah and the World. At each level, appropriate emphasis underlies the development of the subject as an integrated whole of Pakistan, the evolution of Pakistan in Muslim Ummah and the World. The students are taught about the natural resources, industrial resources, business and trade of his/her own country set in a broad World context. He/she learns about the genesis of the idea of Pakistan, the freedom movement which brought it about and of its development into a nation, the state of Pakistan which centres on the “objective resolution” and the state policy. It includes the study of people, and the culture of Pakistan, the education system of Pakistan, Pakistan and the world affairs, and the relation of Pakistan with Muslim countries. The student also acquires an understanding of his/her own right and duties and of their fellows and in return  leads him/her on to an understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities and obligations of citizenship.


In the line of University’s mission of providing instruction, research and dissemination of knowledge of the world to student body, the department is committed to develop its capacity in all fields of Pakistan Studies. For this purpose, the scheme of studies of the Department is three fold focussing on Pakistan, Muslim World and rest of the World. The Department of Pakistan Studies is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and diversity. We would like to see our students, after graduating from Government College Women University Faisalabad, to excel in all fields of life.


The Pakistan Studies provides for the development of healthy attitudes of the individuals to the community, an appreciation of the cultural heritage, and understanding of the need for economic stability, a respect for labours of those who help to achieve it. In this way, the spirit of give and take is developed in the community, so that the qualities of resourcefulness, independence, perseverance, integrity and moral courage are developed and respected.

            The Pakistan Studies also develops activity and the capacity to plan, shown by collection, classification and selection of information on variety of topics, much of it by means of field trips and visits to places of local, cultural and historical interest.

            The scope and range of Pakistan Studies are such as to lend themselves very readily to the development of national pride and to the inculcation of a spirit of patriotism qualities upon which policies by greater stress. The subject may therefore, is regarded as a key one in the attainment of the national objectives and of pride in our cultural heritage.

These are such important but fundamental attributes of the course which are needed for development of a true Pakistani and therefore, the subject enjoys a unique status in the academic programme at all levels of education.

Program Offered

  • BS (4 years) Pakistan Studies