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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Political Science


The Department of Political Science GCWUF offers a BS 4 year’s degree programme in the said field of study which spans over four years. The department endeavors to produce such graduates who out- shine the rest of the lot from other universities of Pakistan by putting special emphasis on imparting quality education coupled with de consideration to research in this field of study. Learned and experienced faculty is in a perpetual struggle to meet the world class standards of inculcating quality education. The faculty also exudes an insatiable thirst to update and better the academics environment. The department always furthers all sorts of academics and extra -curricular support to its students. The department also endeavors to touch the zenith of educational and academic glory by continuous hard work.


Vission and Mission

The mission of the department is two fold. Primarily it is to produce qualified Political Scientist who prove their mantle in whatever setting they are employed. Secondly, keeping in view the importance of this branch of social sciences and its correlation t the ever turbulent and turmoil ridden political canvas of the state of Pakistan, this department sincerely wishes to produce such political Scientists who play their part to lessen the enormity of Political Crisis.

• To maintain top notch Academic standards.

• To put extra ordinary emphasis on the grooming of the students.

• To equip the students with sufficient knowledge to suffice the needs of the present day world.

• To cultivate in the students lofty ideals like honesty, dignity responsibility and patriotism.

• To make the students responsible citizen.

Program Offered

  • BS Political Science