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Government College Women University Faisalabad



Since language is the blood of soul and a vital tool for communication, we offer the oldest language originated from Arabian Peninsula _ Arabic. While teaching a language rich in culture, history and knowledge, the department of Arabic is honored to have galaxy of well-educated teachers. Having vast knowledge and grip in the subject, our teachers instill a wide range of knowledge, research and skills with moral and intellectual growth in the students.


The department of Arabic looks forward to have excellence and perfection in the field of Arabic language and literature while inducing quality knowledge and research in the students. The department is also determined in shattering the cultural and modern knowledge of Arabic in order to let the students quest the answers of many sprawling problems.


The primary mission of the department is to let the people around the world understand the deeper meaning of Arabic language and Quran via their highly authentic research work.

Secondly we offer academic programs, research journals and conferences of international value to make sure that the students have interact with international and national intellects. Our mission is to develop a creative atmosphere open to free exchange of ideas and satisfaction of students.  


  • To let the students have dominance in literary and linguistic fields as well as having a critical sense of curiosity.
  • To make the students qualify and conquer in postgraduate studies.
  • Providing a good research centers with highly capable teachers for any sort of guidance.
  • Cultivating a generation of scholars and researchers in the world of Arabic language and literature.
  • To preserve the integrity of Arabic language and spread the culture by representing it in the best way possible.
  • Enabling the students to employ the achievement of manuscript tools.
  • Continuous training on research and academic investigation.