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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Ph.D Chemistry

Year 1 (Two Semester) Course Work

Year 2 and 3 (Four Semester)

Comprehensive, (Written and Oral), and Research Work 

Course Work
Course Code and Title Credit Hours
Semester – I
CHM- (Major)) 3(3-0)
CHM- (Major)            3(3-0)
CHM-(Minor) Other Than Specialization 3(3-0)
Total 9

Semester – II

CHM- (Major)) 3(3-0)
CHM- (Major)            3(3-0)
STA-(Minor) 3(3-0)
CHM-830 (Special Problem) 1(0-1)
Total 10

Semester – III 

CHM-829 (Seminar)            1(0-1)
Seminar-II(Synopsis Defense)  
Total 1
Research Work

Semester – III, IV, V and VI

Total Credit Hours: 20

*Institutions may increase the credit hours of research work as per their requirement

Analytical Chemistry Major Course for Ph.D.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CHM-801 Important Topics in Analytical Chemistry-II 3(3-0)
CHM-802 Analysis of Metals in Environmental Samples 3(3-0)
CHM-803 Surface Analytical Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-804 Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-805 Applied Atomic Absorption and Plasma Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-806 X-ray and Laser Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-807 Biosorption and Bioaccumulation in Practice 3(3-0)

Inorganic Chemistry Major Courses for Ph.D.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CHM-817 Solid State Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-818 Group Theory and Symmetry 3(3-0)
CHM-819 Nuclear and Radio-Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-820 Nanochemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-821 Developments in Catalytic and Surface Science 3(3-0)
CHM-822 Supramolecular Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-823 Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry 3(3-0)

Organic Chemistry Major Courses for Ph.D. 

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CHM-824 Organic Name Reactions 3(3-0)
CHM-825 Advance Heterocyclic Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-826 Symmetry Controlled Reactions         3(3-0)
CHM-827 Role of Protecting Groups in Organic Synthesis           3(3-0)
CHM-828 Chemistry of Nitrogenous Compounds                                3(3-0)
CHM-831 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-832 Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-833 Environmental Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-834 Chemistry of Synthetic Polymers 3(3-0)
CHM-835 Chemistry of Steroids 3(3-0)
CHM-836 Reactive Intermediates-II       3(3-0)

 Physical Chemistry Major Courses for Ph.D. 

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CHM-837 Complex Extinction of Quantum Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-838 Photochemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-839 Magnetic Spin Dynamics 3(3-0)
CHM-840 Proton Coupled Electron Transfer 3(3-0)
CHM-841 Special Topics in Physical Chemistry 3(3-0)