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Government College Women University Faisalabad



The Department of Geography at GCWUF seeks to understand distribution patterns of the world’s physical and cultural features and their implications for better use and management of resources to

• Foster the acquisition of core knowledge in geography and the applications of such knowledge to real world issues through quality teaching.

• Raise awareness, appreciation and relevance of geographic dimensions of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental issues of the day in order to address them more effectively

• Provide an environment for student professional growth through development of critical thinking, problem-solving and multiple learning skills as well as aesthetic and creative capacities

Vision and Mission

The Department of Geography seeks to create and maintain a challenging and intellectually vital geographic learning community that engages students and faculty in continuing discourse, with focus on active, informed, productive, creative, open-minded and ethically responsible citizenship in a complex, multicultural world.

Future Vision

The Department of Geography is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and to serving our communities. The Department of Geography will continue to stress both the theoretical and applied realms in all of our programs. We will provide a high-quality educational experience in what is the largest BS geography program and lead the discipline with innovative applied work by BS Geography program.

Programs Offered

  • BS Geography