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Government College Women University Faisalabad

BS Home Economics

Semester I

Course  Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course
HEC-301 Introduction to Home Economics 3(3-0)
HEC-303 Fundamentals of Food  & Nutrition 3(2-1)
HEC-305 Textiles and Clothing   3(2-1)
HEC-307 Introduction to Art and Design  3(2-1)
Minor Course
ENG-321 English-I Language in use 3(3-0)
ICT-321 Introduction to Computer 3(2-1)
PST-321 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
Total 20(16-4)

Semester II

Course  Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course
HEC-302 Clothing and Consumer  Education 3(2-1)
HEC-306 Applied Art and Design   3(2-1)
HEC-308 Life Span  Development 3(2-1)
Minor Course
ENG-322 English-II Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills  3(3-0)
CHM-300 Environmental Science 1(1-0)
BCH-301 Biochemistry        3(2-1)
ISL-408 Islamic Studies 2(2-0)
Total 18(14-4)

Semester III

Course  Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course
HEC-409 Home Management & Housing 3(2-1)
HEC-411 Family and Community Development  3(2-1)
HEC-413 Meal Management 3(2-1)
Minor Course
ZOL-303 Basics of Biology 3(3-0)
ENG-421 EnglishIII-(Communication Skills) 3(3-0)
FST-307 Food Product Development 3(2-1)
Total 18(14-4)

Semester IV

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course
HEC-410 Applied Housing & Home Management 3(2-1)
HEC-412 Contemporary Nutrition 3(3-0)
HEC-414 Entrepreneurship Development  3(3-0)
Minor Course
PHY-304 Mechanics II 3(3-0)
STA-320 Introduction to Statistical Theory 3(3-0)
FST-504 Food Microbiology 3(2-1)
Total 18(16-2)

Semester V

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Compulsory Subject
HEC-501 Home Economics Education, Administration & Supervision 3(3-0)
Major  Courses (Food & Nutrition)
FAN-503 Food Preservation 3(2-1)
FAN-505 Experimental Foods 3(2-1)
FAN-507 Advanced Nutrition 3(2-1)
FAN-509 Dietetics 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Textiles & Clothing)
TAC-503 Fundamentals of Garment Construction 3(2-1)
TAC-505 Pattern Making 3(1-2)
TAC-507 Fashion Designing and Illustrations 3(1-2)
TAC-509 Fiber Science 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Applied Art & Design)
AAD-503 Early Ages of Art  3(3-0)
AAD-505 Art Education 3(2-1)
AAD-507 Drawings   Techniques 3(1-2)
AAD-509 Commercial Art 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Human Development and Family Studies )
HDFS-503 Development from Prenatal to Infancy 3(3-0)
HDFS-505 Childhood Care and Development 3(2-1)
HDFS-507 Adolescent Development 3(2-1)
HDFS-509 Theories of Human Development 3(3-0)
Major  Courses (Interior and Environmental Design)
IED-503 Interior Space Planning I 3(2-1)
IED-505 Fundamentals of Interior Architecture I  3(2-1)
IED-507 Designing the Furniture 3(2-1)

Interior Design Application

( Perspective Drawing/Studio)

Major Courses (Resources and Facility Management)
RFM- 503 Essentials of Management 3(3-0)
RFM- 505 Entrepreneurship for home based Industry 3(2-1)
RFM- 507 Management of Household Affairs 3(2-1)
RFM- 509 Fundamentals of Marketing 3(3-0)
CHIN-305 Learn Chinese Language 3(3-0)
Total 15

* Students with CGPA 3.5 in four semesters can opt Learn Chinese Language Course

Semester VI

Course  Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Compulsory Subject
HEC-502 Research Planning and Scientific Writing 3(3-0)
Major  Courses (Food & Nutrition)
FAN-504 Physiological Aspects of Nutrition 3(2-1)
FAN-506 Nutritional Biochemistry 3(3-0)
FAN-508 Food Microbiology 3(2-1)
FAN-510 Community Nutrition 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Textiles & Clothing)
TAC-504 Computer aided Textile Designing 3(1-2)
TAC-506 Fiber Chemistry 3(2-1)
TAC-508 Textile Processing and Finishing 3(2-1)
TAC-510 Fundamentals of Draping 3(1-2)
Major  Courses (Applied Art & Design)
AAD-504 History of  Art 3(3-0)
AAD-506 Applied Art Education  3(2-1)
AAD-508 Home Art And Craft  3(1-2)
AAD-510 Fundamentals of Designing  3(1-2)
Major  Courses (Human Development and Family Studies )
HDFS-504 Positive Psychology 3(3-0)
HDFS-506 Early Childhood and Guidance 3(3-0)
HDFS-508 Adulthood & Aging 3(2-1)
HDFS-510 Communication in Human and Family Relations 3(2-1)
Major Courses (Interior and Environmental Design)
IED-504 Interior Space Planning II 3(2-1)
IED-506 Fundamentals of Interior Architecture II 3(2-1)
IED-508 Designing For Soft Furnishing 3(2-1)
IED-510 Interior Environment( Physical Aspect) 3(2-1)
Major Courses (Resources and Facility Management)
RFM- 504 Essentials of Communication 3(3-0)
RFM- 506 House Keeping Management 3(2-1)
RFM- 508 Home Management & Supervision 3(2-1)
RFM- 510 Organizational Behavior 3(3-0)
Total 15

Semester VII

Course  Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HEC-631 Project 6(0-6)
HEC-629 Seminar 1(0-1)


 Elective Course (Food & Nutrition)

FAN-603 Diet Modeling And Counseling 3(2-1)
FAN-605 Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Food & Nutrition)
FAN-607 Applied Nutrition 3(2-1)
FAN-609 Nutritional Management in Disasters 3(3-0)
FAN-611 Institutional Management  3(2-1)
FAN-613 Life Cycle Nutrition 3(3-0)
 Elective Course (Textiles & Clothing)
TAC-603 Fashion Accessories 3(1-2)
TAC-605 Textile Marketing and Merchandizing 3(3-0)
Major  Courses (Textiles & Clothing)
TAC-607 Dress Designing through  Draping 3(1-2)
TAC-609 Fashion Photography 3(1-2)
TAC-611 Language of Fashion 3(2-1)
TAC-613 Textile Dyeing and Printing                      3(2-1)
Elective Course (Applied Art & Design)
AAD-603 Calligraphy 3(2-1)
AAD-605 Graphic communication 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Applied Art & Design)
AAD-607 Islamic Art  3(3-0)
AAD-609 Essentials of Interior Design  3(2-1)
AAD-611 The Craft of Hand Weaving  3(2-1)
AAD-613 Print Making 3(1-2)
 Elective Course (Human Development & Family Studies )
HDFS-603 Human and Family Ecology 3(3-0)
HDFS-605 Intervention Programs For Developmentally Challenged Children



Major  Courses (Human Development & Family Studies )
HDFS-607 Abnormal Psychology 3(2-1)
HDFS-609 Elementary Education and Administration 3(2-1)
HDFS-611 Family Dynamics          3(2-1)
HDFS-613 Gerontology: Social Aspects 3(2-1)
 Elective Course (Interior & Environmental Design)
IED-603 Environmental Psychology 3(3-0)
IED-605 Environmental Ethics 3(3-0)
Major  Courses (Interior & Environmental Design)
IED-607 Environmental Management 3(2-1)
IED-609 Designing Functional Spaces For Special Needs 3(2-1)
IED-611 Environmental Aesthetics 3(2-1)
IED-613 Interior Design Project 3(0-3)
 Elective Course  (Resources & Facility Management)
RFM- 603 Human Resource Development 3(3-0)
RFM- 605 Management of Institutions, Education and Health 3(3-0)
Major Courses (Resources & Facility Management)
RFM- 607 Human Resource Management 3(2-1)
RFM- 609 Consumer Economics 3(2-1)
RFM- 611 Consumer Behavior 3(2-1)
RFM- 613 Family Finance 3(3-0)
Total 19

Semester VIII

Course  Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Compulsory Subject
HEC-632 Internship 6(0-6)
Major  Courses (Food & Nutrition)
FAN-604 Nutrition Health & Prevention 3(3-0)
FAN-606 Sports Nutrition 3(3-0)
FAN-608 Food Allergies 3(3-0)
Major  Courses (Textiles & Clothing)
TAC-604 Traditional Textiles of Pakistan 3(3-0)
TAC-606 Historic Costume 3(3-0)
TAC-608 Functional Designing for Special People 3(2-1)
Major  Courses (Applied Art & Design)
AAD-604 Art Appreciation 3(2-1)
AAD-606 Painting 3(1-2)
AAD-608 Hand Built Pottery 3(1-2)
Major  Courses (Human Development & Family Studies )
HDFS-604 Educational Psychology &Measurement Techniques



HDFS-606 Exceptional Children Rehabilitation 3(2-1)
HDFS-608 Day Care Management and Administration



Major  Courses (Interior & Environmental Design)
IED-604 Advance Computer Applications for Interior Design.



IED-606 Interior Design Professional Practice Management



IED-608 Consumer ,Marketing Strategies 3(2-1)
Major Courses (Resources & Facility Management )
RFM- 604 Hotel Management 3(3-0)
RFM- 606 Small Business Management   3(2-1)
RFM- 608 Money Banking And Finance 3(2-1)
Total 15
Grand Total Credit Hours 138
Programme Award Duration Semester
Bachelor of Sciences BS Home Economics 4Years 8 Semesters