Government College Women University Faisalabad

MS Human Development and Family Studies


Course Code Name of Subject Credits Hours
HDF-701 Advanced Human Development 3(2-1)
HDF-702 Educational Psychology and Measurement Techniques 3(2-1)
HDF-703 Elementary Childhood Education 3(2-1)
HDF-704 Crises Management in Families 3(3-0)
HDF-705 Human and Family Ecology 3(2-1)
HDF-706 Sociology of Childhood and Youth 3(3-0)
HDF-707 Guidance and Counseling of the Child 3(3-0)
HDF-708 Special Children and Rehabilitatio 3(2-1)
HDF-709 Cultural Anthropology and Human Studies 3(3-0)
HDF-710 Abnormal Psychology 3(3-0)
HDF-711 Theories of Human Development 3(3-0)
HDF-729 Seminar 1(0-1)
HDF-730 Special Problem 1(1-0)
HDF-731 Research/Thesis 6(0-6)