Government College Women University Faisalabad

MS Textiles and Clothing

Semester Name of Subject Credits Hours
TAC-701 Social and Psychological Aspects of Clothing 3(3-0)
TAC-702 Experimental Textiles 3(2-1)
TAC-703 Fundamentals of Fabric Formation 3(2-1)
TAC-704 Consumer Behavior 3(3-0)
TAC-705 Textile Chemistry 3(2-1)
TAC-706 Decorative Fabrics 3(3-0)
TAC-707 Textile Finishing 3(3-0)
TAC-708 Fabric Processing 3(3-0)
TAC-709 Colour Chemistry 3(2-1)
TAC-710 Fashion Designing 3(1-2)
TAC-711 Textile and Garment Industry of Pakistan 3(2-1)
TAC-712 Clothing Culture and Economy 3(3-0)
TAC-713 Methods of Research 3(3-0)
TAC-729 Seminar 1(0-1)
TAC-730 Special Problem 1(1-0)
TAC-731 Research/Thesis 6(0-6)