Government College Women University Faisalabad



The Department of physics, GCWUF aims to stimulate intellectual, excitement and instill the knowledge, skill, confidence independent needed for a successful career in either the sciences or the other quantitative technical field among its students.


  • To provide comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate degree Programs.
  • To encourage faculty and students to do research.
  • To prepare students for their future educational and career challenges.


  • Students will learn fundamental principles of physics.
  • Development of the ability in the student to work in an interactive group.
  • Problem solving skills will be developed in the students which will be helpful in applying their knowledge to the real world.
  • Students will be prepared for careers in teaching and research at the university level or in industrial and government laborities.
  • Students will be developed a broad background in basic physics.

Program Offered

  • BS Physics
  • M.Sc. Physics
  • M.Phil Physics