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The study of physics is an attempt to understand the physical universe in as fundamental a way as possible. It examines the mathematical relationships that exist among the physical entities of the world, and, in particular, tries to discover the general principles that govern the behavior of the macroscopic and microscopic universe. At the core of the inquiry are the questions, “What is the world made of?” and “How does it work? Besides commitment to excellence in undergraduate education, the staffs of the Physics Department GCWUF are engaged in active research in many areas of physics. The department offers BS, M.Sc and M.Phil. Programs for students.


Our department should be in the core of the academic life taking place in our university. Not only the scientific traditions are attached importance to, but also social, democratic and ethical values, the sharing of humankind’s common values, critical reasoning and its programs aimed at reinforcing the motivations and skills of its students are considered top priority. The GCWUF Physics Department aims at projecting the scientific and technological developments to the society, bring up its students as educated individuals who are adeptly equipped for the life and able to apply for privileged graduate studies.



GCWUF Physics Department considers its mission within the scope of academic excellence and leadership in physical sciences. In this frame, the department’s mission is to accumulate the physics knowledge, developing and sharing it in a scientific community that shares common principles; agrees on its goals, is open to innovations; respects and cares for each other as well as bears social responsibility. The department has dedicated itself for lifelong learning through academic and social programs; acquirement of new knowledge through research activities; becoming a strong center of attraction in the national arenas with its undergraduate, masters and M. Phil. programs.


  • To impart quality education and achieve academic excellence through planning, leadership, brilliance, inspiration and effectiveness.
  • To set high standards of comprehensive education by developing the intellectual strength of students and guiding them towards Scientific and technical excellence.
  • To realize advancement of teaching and learning and discover new layers of knowledge in Physics by providing the right academic ambience.
  • To synergize the efforts of various departments, inspire creativity and foster excellence and innovation in teaching and learning so as to realize our vision as a premier Physics Institution.
  • To organize referral lab and provide Research facilities as per National Standards.
  • To promote the department as a center of Excellence.

Program Offered

  • BS Physics
  • M.Sc. Physics
  • M.Phil Physics