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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Public Administration


Welcome to the department of Public Administration of Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad (GCWUF). We’re a dynamic association of public servants, academics and others interested in public administration.
Since our founding in 2015, MPA Department of GCWUF has led Public Administration research and has exported successful public sector expertise around the country. Our mission is to promote excellence in public service and we do that a number of ways through our prestigious publications, conferences, awards of excellence and knowledge networks.

Public Administration can be broadly described as the development, implementation and study of branches of government policy. Public Administration is linked to pursuing the public good by enhancing civil society and social justice. Though public administration has historically referred to as government management, it increasingly encompasses Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are not acting out of self-interest.

As a field, public administration can be compared to business administration, and the MPA viewed as similar to an MBA for those wishing to pursue governmental or non- profit careers. An MPA often entails substantial ethical and sociological aspects not usually found in business schools. There are derivative and related degrees that address public affairs, public policy, and the like. Differences often connote program emphases on policy analysis techniques or other topical focuses such as the study of international affairs as opposed to focuses on constitutional issues such as separation of powers, administrative law, problems of governance and power, and participatory democracy.


Department of public Administration at Govt. College Women University‘s vision is to be an agent of change to develop and enhance public leadership through education, scholarship and service. The department of Public Administration is uniquely placed to prepare current and emergent leaders in local, regional, national and global communities. Department of Public Administration commits itself in providing excellent academic research, advocacy training in order to promote quality in public service, develop a high level of competence in the formulation of public policy In order to better meet the distinctive needs of students in different career tracts, separate curriculums will be developed for students planning a career in government and for students seeking a managerial position in a nonprofit organizations. We aim to contribute to the integrity, effectiveness and transparency of the next generation of trusted public leaders.


The mission of Public Administration Program at Govt. College Women University strives to meet the needs of current and future public managers. It aims to provide educational opportunities that enable them to become ethical, skillful, creative, and inspirational leaders & to give practicing professionals a learning environment that supports, develops and assists them in enhancing their skills and professionalism in the varied fields related to public management.

The curriculum, scheduling provide a unique blend of practical knowledge and professional skills, rooted in a strong understanding of the theories of public administration.

Future objectives:

The department is aimed to create differentiation and build a competitive advantage over other institutions through achieving the following objectives.

  1. The program is aimed at training the students to be leaders who will solve today’s critical social and public problems.
  2. It connects extensive research to real-world solutions to help graduates navigate a modern, interconnected socioeconomic and political environment.
  3. Students learn to demonstrate leadership while managing tough financial, leadership, human resource and project/program management problems.

Program Offered

  • BS Public Administration
  • Masters in Public Administration