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Development of inexpensive, user friendly Water Alert Test Kit to detect harmful bacteria

 Water contaminated with bacteria can cause serious diseases like cholera, typhoid, giardiasis and dysentery even death.
 Regularly testing your drinking water for bacteria is a great way to ensure your family's good health.
 SinoW kit is designed under the project (TDF 03-013) funded by HEC in GCWUF.
 It detects the Presence/Absence of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in drinking water.
 Delivers Reliable results within 16 Hours.
 This test kit allows you to test at home, saving your time and money, that other testing methods involve.
 Sending off to a lab to test can even cost 5 times the kit price.
 A yellow color endpoint indicates presence of harmful bacteria (fecal coliform).
 Follow the detailed instructions given with kit to determine your endpoint.

Team Members

Principle Investigator Prof Dr. Robina Farooq (PI)
Co-PI Dr. Abida Kausar
Team Member Dr. Madiha Ilyas
Project Manager I Ms. Hira Qaisar
Project Manager II Ms. Sana Ijaz
Research Assistant Ms. Ayesha Siddique
Lab Technician Shabir Ahmad

Instructions for SinoW test kit

SinoW test kit Broucher

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