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Government College Women University Faisalabad

Quotation Purchase of Stationery

Sealed quotations are invited from General sales Tax registered firms for the purchase of following items. The rates should be quoted in words and figures with all taxes.

Quotations must reach in the office of the undersigned up to 30-07-2018                               


The detail is as under


Sr. # Items Description A/U No,s
 01 Drafting Pad Small Large (Hera small 8×6.5, Qty. 250, legal 13×8.5, Qty. 250, imported page 70 gram 70 pages or equivalent) Nos. 78
02 Dispatched Register (local page 70 gram 376 pages) Nos. 30
03 Led Pencil Dux & Super Writer 12HB,  or equivalent Pkt. 30
04 Eraser Dux Soft Eraser Good Quality  or equivalent Nos. 300
05 Sharpener Dux Good Quality or equivalent Nos. 300
06 Stapler Pin Remover Best Quality or Pin Plucker as per sample Nos. 75
07 Dustbin Good Quality as per sample Nos. 15
08 Duster Whiteboard Dry Eraser/ Duster Superior Grip & Finish Nos. 50
09 File Tags Fine Quality 5 inch (25tags of each bundle) Bundle 100
10 Simple Register (Hera imported page 70 gram 246 pages or equivalent) Nos. 30
11 Scotch Transparent Tape 1 inch (Deer or equivalent) Nos. 30
12 Cash book register (Hera imported page 70 gram 188 pages or equivalent) Nos. 15
13 Stock register (Hera imported page 70 gram 300 pages) Nos. 20
14 Calculator (Citizen/ Casio MJ-120T 12Digit manual imported quality standard size or equivalent) Nos. 20
15 Stamp Pad Ink (Crystal 28.5 ml black 150 & blue 150) Nos. 25
16 Box Files (QB FC-S.2 NO:556 China good quality or equivalent) Nos. 100


The quotation must reach in office of the Convener purchase committee, GC Women University Faisalabad by 30-07-2018 during office hours.







Prof.Dr. Iftikhar Hussain

Convener Purchase Committee

GC Women University, Faisalabad