Government College Women University Faisalabad

Schedule for the issuing of Character Certificate

The Character Certificate will be issued by DSA from 18-09-2017 to 25-09-2017 to the passing out students of Intermediate F.A/ F.SC/ ICS/ I.Com section 2015-2017. For this purpose following teachers will be duty in the main staff room from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in said dates. They will follow this duty in their free periods and the Incharge, of Intermediate section will ensure their presence in given timing and days according to their teaching time table.


                                               Teacher Name

 Department of  Urdu      Department of English      Department of  Pak studies                           

A   (F.SC)
B   (F.SC)
C   (F.SC)

Ms.Sumaira Shafi(Lecturer)

Ms. Bazgha (Lecturer)

Ms. Kousar (A.P)
Ms. Iram     (Lecturer)
Ms.Ayesha (A.P)


Ms. Ammara (A.P)

D   (F.SC)
E   (F.SC)
F   (F.SC)

Ms. Tayyaba (Lecturer)
Ms. Shaista Qaiser (Lecturer)
Ms. Asma Farooq (A.P)

Ms. Asia    (Lecturer)
Ms. Uzma (Lecturer)
Ms.Amani (Lecturer)


G   (F.A)
H   (F.A)
I     (ICS)

Ms. Asma Farooq(A.P)
Ms. Sabahat
(Associate Prof)
Ms. Hina (Lecturer)


Ms. Aqdas (Lecturer)

Ms. Nusrat (Lecturer)

J    (F.A)
K   (F.A)
M   (F.A)


Ms Uzma (Lecturer)
Ms. Hina (Lecturer)

Ms. Asma (Lecturer)
Ms. Saima
Ms. Asma

Ms. Ammara (A.P)

N   (F.A)
O   (F.A)
P    (F.A)

Ms. Shaista Qaiser(Lecturer)
Ms. Amna (Lecturer)
Ms. Faiqa (Lecturer)


Ms. Zahida
Ms. Sunbal (A.P)

Ms. Nusrat (Lecturer)

Q    (F.A)
R    (F.A)

Ms. Uzma (Lecturer)
Ms. Samia(Associate Prof)

Ms. Iram (Lecturer)
Ms. Asia (Lecturer)


1.  Students of session 2015-2017 will get the Character Certificate from DSA office after showing the result cards from 18-09-2017 to 25-09-2017.
2.  Secondly the above mentioned teachers will give the remarks & sign on the Character Certificate on the basis of student’s regularity, behavior & discipline.
3.  After getting the remarks, the Incharge, Intermediate Section will sign and stamp on the certificate then finally by the Director Students Affairs.
4.  Character Certificate will not be issued to those students who have been found in indiscipline and misconduct (Notification is attached).