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Admission Policy/Criteria Ph.D Programmes

Admission Policy/Criteria Ph.D Programmes.Pdf

1.  Eligibility:
Females having domicile of Punjab are eligible for admission.
2.  The candidates must have passed MS/M.Phil with minimum CGPA 3.00 out of 4.00 (Under Semester System) or 1st Division (Under Annual System) in M.S/ M.Phil or equivalent degree from HEC recognized institution.
3.  Domicile:
The candidate should submit the domicile certificate of Punjab. Candidate with domicile other than Punjab shall produce a nomination letter from her respective provincial government against reserved seats if there are any foreign students can also apply through the relevant Federal Ministry and their relevant department(s).
4.  Age Limit:
No age limit for the admission in Ph.D. programmes shall be observed as long as there is no physical or mental handicap.
5.  No Objection Certificate (NOC):
NOC is required from degree holders from other universities for registration in GC Women University Faisalabad.
Minimum Academic Requirement: A candidate seeking admission to the degree must have M.Phil./MS/ six years education after F.A./F.Sc./A-Level/ any other equivalent Educational Certification for the degree on the basis of which admission is requested, in at least first division/CGPA 3.00) and qualify (60%) subject GRE test conducted by the Directorate of Advanced Studies of GC Women University Faisalabad
Admission may be conducted twice a year i.e. in the fall semester and spring semester. If a candidate fails to complete enrollment, her admission shall stand cancelled. However, nominees of HEC, GCWUF, foreign countries and other government organizations, may be admitted up to the end of each semester with the condition that they will have to cover up the courses by taking seminars, special problem and research project.
a.  The admission to a degree programme shall be made by the Advanced Studies and Research Board on the basis of merit list prepared and checked by the Directorate of Advanced Studies.
b.  Lists of selected candidates would be displayed by the Director Advanced Studies and if needed subsequent lists would be displayed till the last seat is filled up.
c.  (Explanation: The last list would be displayed keeping in view that 75% attendance in lectures would not suffer).
d.  The Advanced Studies and Research Board may refuse admission to a candidate on disciplinary or moral grounds or on the violation of university rules.
9.  The Candidate must have passed with 60% score of subject GRE. For this purpose the following committee has been constituted:
i.  Director Advanced Studies                        Convener
(Dr.Zill-i-Huma Nazli)
  ii.  Coordinator of the Respective Faculty            Member
(Prof. Dr. Nighat Bhatty/Prof. Ms. Rashida Zafar/ Mrs Shabana Fakhar)
  iii.  Chairperson / Incharge of Respective Department             Member
The respective Dean/Acting Dean/ Coordinator shall ensure the Secrecy/ Transparency of the test.
10.  Admission to the Ph.D programmes will be made through Directorate of Advanced Studies as under:
a. Applications will be submitted to the Director of Advanced Studies, the office of DAS will calculate the merit of eligible candidates.

  b. The merit lists will be displayed by Directorate of Advanced Studies.
c.  Admission will be granted strictly on merit basis and in accordance with the guidelines provided by HEC.
11.  The candidate must have secured minimum 60% in subject GRE conducted by DAS.
12.  Candidates working in Government/Semi Government or private institutions shall have to submit “No Objection Certificate” from the concerned organization.
13.  Merit computation for Ph.D. Programmes:
Following merit computation formula (percentage) will be adopted:

Academics Interview Research Publications Subject GRE (Qualify) with 60% A+B+C
(80) (15) (5) (100)

a.  Academics:
MS/M.Phil or equivalent:
1st Division (annual System)/ 60% marks
Not less than 3.00/4.00 CGPA ((Under Semester System)
b.  Interview:
Interview will be taken by the committee headed by the respective Dean/Coordinator. Other members are as below:
i.  Director Advanced studies or her nominee.
ii.  Chairperson of the respective department.
iii.  Senior most faculty member from the respective department
c.  Research Publications:
Following additional marks will be awarded to the candidates for Publication of research paper (s)/ publication (s) in HEC recognized journal (s) as under:
i.  One research paper/publication = 3 marks
ii.  Two or more research paper/publications = 5 marks  *HEC guidelines will be followed for admission to Ph.D.
10.  If the student got admission by any mistake (human error/Computer etc.) and does not fulfil the criteria of admission mentioned in the prospec­tus, her admission shall stand cancelled automatically and there will be no liability on the part of the institution.

11.  Each student has to submit a “Declaration” on judicial paper of Rs:-50/- at the time of enrolment in the office of Director Advanced Studies (Spec­imen is annexed).

Sr # Department Eligibility Criteria
1 Arabic/ Botany/Chemistry/ MS/ M.Phil. with at least 3.00/4.00
Food Science & Technology/ CGPA in relevant field and at least
Home Economics (Food & Nutri­ 60 % marks in subject GRE
tion)/ conducted by DAS.
Urdu/ Zoology/


Chart of Seats : Ph.D. Programmes (Evening)
Sr# Department No. of Seats
1 Arabic 5
2 Botany 10
3 Chemistry 10
4 Food Science & Technology 5
5 H. Economics (Food & Nutrition) 5
6 Urdu 10
7 Zoology 10

*The seats will be linked with the strength of the requisite faculty concerned. However on the recommendations of the admission. committee the Competent Authority will decide to enhance the seats where necessary.
Following seats have also been fixed in the following programmes as per HEC – FDP (LD) Scholarship Programme for FATA in addition to regular seats.

BS (Hons) = 2
M.Sc. = 1
M.Phil = 1

After completion of the admission, the course registration form UG-1/GS-10 of all the admitted candidates will be sent to the office of the Con­troller of Examinations within 30 days from the date of commencement of classes. All the Deans and Directorate of Advanced Studies will also reconcile the fee data with University Treasurer within 30 days.
Parallel admission in any programme shall not be allowed. University reserves the right to change any clause of admission policy or refuse ad­mission to any applicant on disciplinary grounds.
Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor has been authorized to amend any clause of schedule according to the requirement. University may refuse admission to any applicant on disciplinary grounds.
The admission on reserved seats will be made through a committee constituted by the Competent Authority.