Government College Women University Faisalabad

SOPs for entrance / exit from University gates

1. Following SOPs will be adhered to for entrance / exit from campus gates:
a. Main Gate (Opposite Shiblee College on Arfa Kareem Road)
Following may use this gate: –
(i) Management / Administrative Staff
(ii) Teaching Faculty
(iii) All Visitors
(iv) Students residing in hostels on Arfa Kareem Road.
b. Back Gate (At Faizan -e-Madina Road)
(i) All remaining students less residing at Arfa Kareem Road Hostels.
(ii) Management / Administrative and Teaching Faculty Staff who have to drop their children in “Day Care Center”.
(iii) University Buses will use back gate for entry / exit.
2. Important Instructions
a. Students once entered into campus premises leaving early before 01:00 pm will not be allowed to leave campus gate without “out pass” signed by DSA.
b. Students staying in Private Hostels will get a written Certificate from Private Hostel Management which will be checked by Security Staff at Campus Main Gate.
c. Students staying in hostels inside the campus area must get their University identity card punched from University Security Branch Otherwise they will not be permitted to make exit from campus gate.
d. No visitors will be allowed entry from Back Gate (Faizan-e-Madina Road)
e. Parking of vehicles will be restricted to designated parking area only.
f. Students residing in campus Hostels will be permitted exit from main gate on showing written permission by concerned Hostel Warden.
g. If some student is to be taken to Hospital etc. in emergency, concerned Hostel Warden must inform at campus security control room.
h. Wearing of GCW university identity card will be mandatory for all employees and students to get entry into campus premises.
3. Your cooperation in implementation of SOP will be highly appreciated, please.