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Faculty Development Training in Botany Department


Faculty Development Training in Botany Department Department of Botany, GC Women University, Faisalabad organized two-day Faculty Development Training on 28-29th June 2022 in the Committee Room of GC Women University Faisalabad. In the kind patronage of worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Robina Farooq, the department conducted sessions on Course Designing, Teaching Philosophy, Statement and Characteristics of Best Teacher, Academic Integrity (AI), and Lesson Alignment Strategies. Chief Organizer / Incharge, Department of Botany GCWUF, Dr. Abida Kausar warmly welcomed all distinguished speakers, briefed the audience about objectives of the sessions, and acknowledged the continuous support of Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Robina Farooq and guidance of Dr. Zill-i-Huma Nazli, Coordinator Faculty of Science and Technology, GCWUF for organizing this event. The convener of the event Dr. Irfana Lalarukh, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany GCWUF, formally introduced the resource persons of every session to the faculty and students. The sessions started with Dr. Noreen Zahra’s elaboration of the importance and process of “Course Designing”. Her talk covered factors in designing course and syllabus, the relationship between objectives, assessment and instruction, organizing the material logically, and assigning simple to complex tasks to students to assess their gradual progress. Dr. Maham Siddique covered “Teaching Philosophy Statement and Characteristics of Best Teacher” in the second session. She talked about the key characteristics of a good teacher through Lowman’s 2-D Model of effective teaching. The first talk of the second day was on Academic Integrity (AI). Dr. Maham Siddique briefly described its five fundamental values, i.e., honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. She related these features to the concept of research ethics while avoiding plagiarism. In the second lecture, she discussed Lesson Alignment Strategies with the faculty. The main discussion points were backwards course design, learning objectives, and transparency. She emphasized using pre-assessment tools and explained various Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs). Dr. Noreen Zahra reflected on SoTL Practices. She explained the importance of SoTL in identifying problems in teaching and research. The enthusiastic participation of the faculty made the sessions lively and interactive.


Event Organized By Department of Botany
Held on 2022-07-01