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Policy Development for Pollution Control and Sustainable Environment


Environmental protection is one of the basic prerequisites for the overall development of any country in the world. Even though now change is fast, fueled by unconstrained population growth and advancing technologies. The ecological footprint of modern human society is huge. The result is global ecological disruption and biotic impoverishment. Yet modern society continues to behave as if there were no long-term consequences of transforming the biosphere, as if we were not connected to nature’s life-support systems. As awareness of environmental protection is developed, human awareness is also developed about the need to preserve the environment by preventing adverse impacts on nature. Laws/policies, as a scientific discipline, plays a significant role in these endeavors. Keeping in view the importance to protect the environment by contribution of zero emission vehicle policy in GCWUF, Department of Chemistry is going to organize one Day webinar entitled Policy Development for Pollution Control and Sustainable Environment,
dated 20-10-2021, 10.00am - 01.00 pm
For registration click on the link below


Event Organized By Department of Chemistry
Held on 2021-10-20