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Government College Women University Faisalabad

M. Sc Chemistry

Semester I

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course  
CHM-551 Inorganic Chemistry-I 4(3-1)
CHM-553 Organic Chemistry-I 4(3-1)
CHM-555 Physical Chemistry-I 4(3-1)
CHM-557 Introductory Spectroscopy 2(2-0)
Minor Course
MTH-321 Mathematics for Chemistry 3(3-0)
ICT-321          Introduction to Computer 3(3-0)
CHIN-305 Learn Chinese Language 3(3-0)
Total   20(17-3)

Students with 60% marks in BA/BSc can opt Learn Chinese Language Course

Semester II

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course  
CHM-552 Inorganic Chemistry-II 4(3-1)
CHM-554 Organic Chemistry-II 4(3-1)
CHM-556 Physical Chemistry-II 4(3-1)
CHM-558 Analytical Chemistry-I 4(3-1)
Minor Course  
BCH-302 Introductory Biochemistry- II 3(3-0)
Total   19(15-4)

Semester III

Areas of Specializations: Inorganic/ Organic/ Physical/ Analytical Chemistry

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Major Course
CHM-651 Important Synthetic Products (Elective-I) 3(3-0)
CHM-679 Seminar 1(0-1)
Minor Course
STA-323 Applied Statistical Theory 3(2-1)
Specialization in Analytical Chemistry
CHM-653 Thermalelectro-analytical Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-655 Atomic Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis 3(3-0)
CHM-657 Electrochemical Methods         3(3-0)
Specialization in Inorganic Chemistry
CHM-665 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry-I 3(3-0)
CHM-667 Advance Inorganic Chemistry-II 3(3-0)
CHM-669 Instrumental Methods of Analysis 3(3-0)
Specialization in Organic Chemistry
CHM-671 Oxidation and Reduction 3(3-0)
CHM-673 Molecular Rearrangements 3(3-0)
CHM-675 Advanced Organic Chemistry-I 3(3-0)
Specialization in Physical Chemistry
CHM-677 Advanced Physical Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-685 Electrochemistry-I 3(3-0)
CHM-687 Chemical Kinetics 3(3-0)
Total   16(15-1)

Semester IV

Student will study FOUR courses from area selected as Specialization and ONE Elective course other than the field of specialization.

*Students securing 3.8 CGPA after TWO semesters can opt Project/Internship/Thesis (6 Credit Hours). They will also study TWO courses from area of Specialization and ONE Elective course other than the field of specialization.

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
CHM-652 Chemistry of Antioxidants (Elective-II) 3(3-0)
CHM-680 Special Problem 1(0-1)
*CHM-681 Project     OR 6(0-6)
*CHM-682 Internship OR 6(0-6)
*CHM-683 Thesis 6(0-6)
Specialization in Analytical Chemistry
CHM-654 Advanced Separation Techniques 3(3-0)
CHM-656 Advanced Atomic and Plasma Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-658 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy 3(3-0)
CHM-660 Analytical Chemistry Practical 2(0-2)
Specialization in Inorganic Chemistry
CHM-670 Organometallic Compounds and Heterogeneous Catalysis 3(3-0)
CHM-672 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry-III 3(3-0)
CHM-674 Nuclear Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-676 Inorganic Chemistry Practical 2(0-2)
Specialization in Organic Chemistry
CHM-678 Organic Polymers   3(3-0)
CHM-684 Chemistry and Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites     3(3-0)
CHM-686 Advanced Organic Chemistry-II 3(3-0)
CHM-688 Advanced Organic Techniques 2(0-2)
Specialization in Physical Chemistry
CHM-690 Electrochemistry-II 3(3-0)
CHM-692 Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-694 Polymer Chemistry 3(3-0)
CHM-696 Advance Practical in Physical Chemistry 2(0-2)
Total   15(13-2)
Total Credit Hours   70


Programme Award Duration Semester Credit Hours
Master of Science M.Sc. CHEMISTRY 2 Year 4 Semesters 70