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Government College Women University Faisalabad

3rd NTU DICE Textile Innovation Event

Dice Textile Sharks 2018 Funds Defect Detector Robot – IT Project

IT Project Fabric Defect Detector Robot got funds of 0.2 million rupees through DICE SHARKS (Industrial Funding) 2018. The 3rd All Pakistan Dice Textile Innovation event dated 6th-7th March 2018 was organized at National Textile University Faisalabad. DICE Textile is a focused strategic initiative of DICE Foundation USA.

Fabric Defect Detector Robot Description:

A robot that detects defects from the fabric during weaving process on power looms. It takes pictures of defects and store to the database for image processing, which is used to apply analysis tests. It also does the laser tagging on fabric at the location of defects found.


  1. Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
  2. Image processing
  3. Image Sensor
  4. Gesture Control
  5. Security Officer
  6. Real Time Camera
  7. Moveable Base

Fabric Defect Detector Robot is the effort of Ms. Suneeza Hamid, Assistant Professor and students of Department of IT, Government College Women University Faisalabad.